23 May, 2011

An Introduction

Four people: two math teachers, a naturalist, and a filmmaker, will soon embark on an exploration in social and environmental welfare in Karnataka, India.

We are:
  • Pras - owner and lead tutor at Mathnasium in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Kat - middle school math teacher in Hawai'i
  • Tony - yeast genetic researcher at Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences in California
  • Jess - professor of film at the University of Colorado
(full bios coming soon)

Our project is to visit Bangalore and learn about education in the surrounding rural and underprivileged areas. We will be visiting a village in Kolar, a rural school near Mysore, and a school in Tumkur. While there we will be observing, teaching, and getting to the know the students and education system. We also hope to meet with organizations in Bangalore that are related to our areas of interest. Our most tangible goal is to document our experience through writing, photo, and film so that we can share it with others and promote awareness in the U.S. We also hope to engage individuals that we can work with after we return back home.

Our purpose is to investigate business solutions to meet the basic needs of millions of people living with substandard access to education, healthcare, electricity, shelter, sanitation, food, and water. This spawns from our desire to create sustainable solutions to social issues. We believe that education in particular is vital to the future of any community, as it provides resources and wisdom to upcoming generations of leaders. We will investigate ways in which we can work with communities to provide education with both the tools and context for sustainable development, using grass roots innovation to negotiate social and environmental issues.

The immediate focus is to get first hand experience with the communities, and to identify any meaningful ways in which we can help.