08 June, 2011


Ok, I just wanted to go over how awesomely everything has gone so far.

First, we stressed out Jenna being late on the way to the airport, but it turned out everyone else was early so we just avoided the lines. Then, I slept the whole flight to Frankfurt, where we got out train tickets to travel to Amsterdam, Hamburg, then back. At the station, we got internet access and Pras found an email from Owen, saying "I just got you a place to stay in Amsterdam with my awesome friend in her really cool apartment", so we instantly emailed her and got on the train.

Then, for most of the train ride we slept again, apart from the little girls running around who were from Australia, learning German, and visiting Amsterdam. They also helped us figure out whether we should get off the train yet or not.

When we got to Amsterdam Centraal station we wandered outside and promptly looked lost, which called a knowledgeable, random dude to our service who pointed us toward the library with free internet. So we got to the OpenBare Bibliotheek Amsterdam and checked in with Jonica (our gracious host) who told us to come right over.

The first thing she did when we got here was hand us beers. She also made us vegetarian burritos from scratch, offered us anything we wanted in her apartment, and took us on a late night adventure to acquire her lost bike so that we would all have bikes to ride around the city today, and shared with us some delicious local produce. Then she made beds for us, tucked us in, and sang us a local lullabye (jklol).

Oh btw, Pras hasn't ridden a bike since he was about 3, so I'll see about some video documentation of his learning experience. Stay tuned...

Her apartment is pretty awesome, so we're hesitant to ever leave. There are vines hanging from the ceilings, a canal outside we could probably jump into if we really committed, and the cathedral whose chime apparently brought comfort to Ann Frank back in the day.

But museums, beer and the city itself are calling to us, so we will slowly get up, drink some water, coffee, eat food, put in our contacts, take showers, and start planning our day...

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