22 June, 2011

The beginning

From June 19th

We began our journey to Kudugal early (by my standards) this morning. For reasons I can't understand, my mom insisted on McDonald's for breakfast. One peculiar aspect of the experience is that the large, clean restaurant was completely empty at 10 am. And the other is that they were playing an uncensored 50 cent album. So as we mulled over the Indianized menu, we heard 50 cent repeatedly say mother$%&in. Luckily the food didn't appear terribly processed and we ate some kind of potato sandwich (aloo tikki).

The drive took about two hours, and the traffic wasn't as bad as expected. The scenery was familiar to me, but I'm sure Tony and Kat have some observations to record. We're currently at our hotel and in great spirits. The hotel is so nice that I almost feel bad. A shower, hot water, western toilet, fresh towels, and a flat screen television are not luxuries I expected when traveling to rural India, which says a lot by itself. No wireless internet, but that's our only complaint.

We've already demonstrated that we can entertain ourselves in any setting, as I passed the time by throwing water in the air and encouraging Tony to catch it in his mouth. Also, we spent all night trying to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube. I've mastered about two thirds of it so far, and am hoping to finish it before we share it with the students.

We're heading to Kudugal now to say hello to everyone. The school isn't in session since it's Sunday, but we hope to survey the scene and be prepared for tomorrow, when ideally we will spend the entire school day with the teachers and students.

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