18 June, 2011

First day in the dark

I have arrived in Bangalore, or Bengaluru. I arrived at night so I am anxious to see what its like in the daylight. Prashanth, Tony and Prashanth's cousin, Sandeep, picked me up and I just feel so lucky and blessed that I have the opportunity to be here. Swarna, or auntie Swarna, Prashanth's mom is so hospitable and nice, she even gave me a malaria pill last night just in case. She looked beautiful this morning in her Saree and I told her so, she laughed and said that this was her casual daily wear. I hope I get to buy one and look as beautiful. There is a shrine to some Gods at the house and I am so intrigued, I will ask Swarna about it today, perhaps she will share the prayer she was reading with me as well.

The streets here or the driving here, is, well different. As I got into the car, Sandeep said, "No need to wear a seatbelt." Were as in the States its like, "Put your seatbelt on or we will all get a fine and beheaded" :)
No rhyme or reason to the driving, much like when I was in France. Just a lot of beeping as if to say, "Hi! I am right here, howzit?!...don't hit me, beep beep"

I slept the entire way to India....about 27 hours. So now everyone is sleeping and, well, I am not. I am anxious to see India in daylight, visit different towns, eat the food, take in the culture and buy a Salwar Kameez. More to come as I experience India in the daylight;)

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