12 June, 2011

First Impressions in the Dark

We made it to Bangalore.

Arrived around 01:30, warmly greeted and kindly chauffeured from the airport by a welcoming committee of three of Pras’ cousins.

The first lessons I (Tony) learned were about cars. First, the steering wheel is on the right, which is pretty neat. Second, people here drive kind of interestingly, going wherever makes physical sense, and acting based on what other cars appear to be doing. It's a little like Dutch people walking, or riding bikes. People also use their horns and blink their lights a lot (at night anyway) so that everyone else knows where they are and what they’re doing. And the best part was driving halfway between two lanes, just in case we wanted to go right, or left, or maybe right.

We were also lucky to go on a short tour of the city at night, seeing the back of the state capital building and a bunch of stray, wild-dog-looking dogs. It seemed almost like a ghost town with the streets literally empty of people, apparently a stark contrast to the everyday hustlin' we'll join in on tomorrow.

As we pass out now we're listening to some birds outside that sound a bit like monkeys, and car horns, oh and Akon on the iPod.

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  1. Tony, I just realized I named my first post almost the same as this one...we think alike;) See ya when you wake up lol