12 June, 2011

Hamburgermeister Meisterhamburger

We arrived in Hamburg late, and at the wrong train station.

Poor Julia, who came to pick us up, was worried sick about us and had no way to get in touch, so we ended up calling her on a pay phone. T Mobile pay phones in Germany suck: Tony put in a 10 cent euro thingy and it gave him 5 seconds to talk. Just enough time to hear Julia say “Tony! Where are you?” and for him to blurt "5 seconds!?" and to fail at getting another coin into the machine before it disconnected. So we spent the rest of our change calling her two more times and eventually figuring out how to get to her place.

We arrived, ate some delicious pasta, drank some German wine, and passed out til morning.

The next day Julia gave us an epic tour of Hamburg. The sun was shining so we strolled around, saw many monuments, churches, German people, canals (who knew?), and boats.

We ate some special pickled herring sandwiches, ham, bacony hammy pigskinny meat, turkey, potatoes with bacon and onions, wurst, sauerkraut, bretzls, und of course, bier. Much of this was at the Gröninger Braukeller which had a delicious house vienna lager of which we each drank about 2 liters.

After dinner we went home, passed out for a bit, woke up, and partied til our train left. Hamburg has some pretty sweet party spots that go all night long, and even feature such delicacies as Beck’s Gold und Beck’s Lime.

So we did that, and then traveled for almost 24 hours...

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