08 June, 2011

Mommy, can I have a Lolli?

Well we're in Amsterdam. Through an unforeseen stroke of luck, our good buddy Owen Wiseman arranged for us to stay with a friend of his named Jonica. In mere minutes, she has proven to be one of the nicest people ever and has welcomed us warmly into her home, which is stunning. Her apartment is in central Amsterdam, and overlooks the King's Canal. Specifically the Homomonument and the Anne Frank House. Here's a map. Currently our host is cooking dinner, which tells you everything you need to know.

On the train over here from Frankfurt we were entertained by two energetic little girls running throughout the compartment, hence the title of this post.

Obviously, having a local friend to show us around and look after us is huge. Our plan was to wander and stay in a hotel or hostel. Clearly this is much sweeter. We are drinking a Heineken, which is much better here than back home. The biggest difference to note is that the bottle is brown, not green. And it tastes much less skunkier.

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