25 June, 2011

Technical Difficulties; Tony Ran Away

We've been in one city for three days now (although still with plenty of time in cars), which gave us some time to attend to important matters: shopping for gifts, writing emails, visiting family, going out to bars, etc.

It was also supposed to afford us some time to completely digest our first excursion and begin preparing for round 2. But of course things don't always go to plan.

The most significant setback was that my Macbook's hard drive decided to crash. This created some complications regarding pictures and video, but more costly was that I burned a day standing around at the i Store. Time will tell if our data can be saved as I left my computer there overnight, but we are mostly back on track. The pictures are up, the blog is slowly lurching forward, and the videos should come around eventually (albeit with some delay).

It's hard to be too upset since it's the first thing that has gone wrong, and I'm trying not to think about the potential impact of losing my business files. Anyways, I have Tony's computer because he decided to spend the weekend visiting a friend in a neighboring state.

Tony left earlier tonight from a crowded bus station, and we're all hopeful he will reach his destination (Pollachi) safely tomorrow morning. So it's just me and Kat until Monday, when Tony returns and Jessica joins us from Delhi. Those of you anxiously waiting for Tony's part 2 can take a few days off. But as a bonus, when Tony returns he can tell you about our meeting with the Center for Sustainable Development.

A few setbacks won't stop us from enjoying a weekend full of family related activities, but it might slow us down a bit. Once we're at full strength, though, things will be happening quickly as we visit each school for a second time and film it all in stunning HD.

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