09 July, 2011

A Kannadiga on Chennai

My conversation in Bangalore with an 'anonymous' Kannadiga on my plan to visit Chennai:

"Chennai is terrible!"


"Soooo many things."

"Name a few?"

"It is sooo hot, and sooo humid, you'll be sticky all the time. And the water is soooo bad, much worse than Bangalore. And the traffic, the traffic is much, much worse."

"I heard it was clean though, Wikipedia said it was one of the cleanest cities in India."

"Oh noooo, it is sooo dirty you would not believe it, it is just a terrible place. Why would you want to go there?"

"I have friends there, they want me to come visit."

"One thing you should know, everyone in Karnataka absolutely hates Tamilnadu."


  1. Brilliant, I wish I were caught in a monsoon! It sounds like monsoon days might be a factor in rural education in India--can you comment on this? Are kids psyched about monsoon days, if they do in fact exist?

  2. Yes Bryant, monsoon days exist. They are great when a holiday is announced in the morning and you don't have to leave your cozy bed. They are some-what great if the holiday is announced anytime before the rain becomes torrential. Once the streets are flooded it often becomes difficult (sometimes dangerous) to walk/drive back home, but still is mostly fun!